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Release October 16, 2022

Yigal Writing

Yigal used to write short chapters and read them at various events in the nursing home where he lived in the last years of his life.

The large and interesting part of the chapters are part of his life history.

Few are translations or abridgments of facts related to general education.

Release Feb 23, 2020

Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt

Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt had 12 children. Searching for Birth, Marriage, Death records (BMD) brings us occasionally to meet living family members. I admit, getting to know new blood related family members is the most exciting part of doing genealogy. Lately I met Yoram Shachar, one of Berek and Chana’s great, greatgrandchild about whom I haven’t heard until Dec 15, 2019. The meeting has prompted me to create pages for the descendants of Berek Szczekacz, our mutual great, great grandfather. The released page will introduce you to the 12 children and to their children. Currently there are only two documented stories, about Layzer Ludwig Szczekacz and about Frajdla Szczekacz. The stories about Yoram Shachar, Samuel Szczekacz (The artist, Shmuel Tzur), the many Shakter’s descendants and others will follow soon.

Release Nov 9, 2019

Yosef Kaluzynski and Chana nee Sznajderman

Lebanon About 1909-1914


Release Jan 6, 2018

Fajgla Kaluzynski and Wolf Szperling

Wolf and Fajga Kaluzynski

The Holocaust Had no Mercy for the Szperling Family

Stories and Photos

Release June 26, 20

Ludwig Layzer Szczekacz

A Telephone call from Australia to Californiaswept Jane and me into a research in the Czech Republic. Several families appeared for a moment and then disappeared during the Holocaust. Very few suvivors, many Yad Vashem testimony pages and research in the Czech Republic declared Jane, Dov Kuflik, his sister, Idit, and the five grandchildren of Josef Arieli, my self included, are 3rd cousins. Jane, Dov and his sister, Idit, are 2nd cousins.

Dawid Borejdo Sznajderman

The following story is about Dawid Sznajderman, the son of Abram Moshe Sznajderman and Ajdla Koenigsberg, who survived the tumultuous time of WWII.

Dawid Borejdo Sznajderman



Marek Kaluzynski

Marek Kaluzynski was son of my great grandfather, Abram Kaluzynski, and his second wife, Chaja Dzialoszynska.

Marek Kaluzynski

Marek’s mother, Chaja, died around 1912 in Czestochowa, leaving his father with five young children;

the youngest, Sara, was two years old. Marek was fourteen years old.


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Let Us Start With Basic Steps:

Write down everything you know about yourself and about your family:

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Berek Szczekacz (1829 - 1909) and Chana Szmidt (1830 - 1899)

Berek Szczekacz was born on Feb 18, 1829 at 2PM, in Czestochowa to Herszlik Szczekacz and Chaya Sora Sztal.

He married Chana Szmidt who was born on Apr, 11, 1830, in Zarki, to Lejbus Szmidt and Rajzla Fuks. The marriage took place in Zarki, Poland.

Currently we don't have the marriage record.

Their first daughter Chaja Sora Szczekacz was born in Zarki on Apr 2, 1849.

Later the couple moved to Czestochowa and had their other 11 children in Czestochowa.

Searching through information in Czestochowa Books of Residents we can see that Berek Szczekacz' profession appears to be workman, trader, market trader. As he gets older he appears as a tailor or even as someone who makes shoes from wood birch. (It appears that Birch is used for finishing lumber in buldings, the manufacture of furnitures, for spools, boxes and wooden shoes, etc.)





Berek Szczekacz

Berek Szczekacz was born on 18 Feb, 1829 and died on 19 Mar, 1909 in Czestochowa, Poland

Zarki Cemetery

Photo by Yehuda Szmidt

Chana Szmidt

Chana Szczekacz nee Szmidt was born on 11 April, 1830 in Zarki and died on 12 Jan, 1899 in Czestochowa, Poland.
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The Descendants of Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt


1. Chaya Sora Szczekacz (1849 - 1912)

and Mortka Wolf Herman (1846 - 1894)

Photo of the grave of Chaya Sora Herman nee Szczekacz in Czestochowa Cemetery.

Chaya Sora Szczekacz was born to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt on Apr 2, 1849 in Zarki and Died on 8 Sep, 1912 in Czestochowa.

2. Rywka Szczekacz (1850 - 1855)

Rywka Szczekacz was born to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt on Sep 21, 1850 and died on 13 Aug, 1855. She was only 4 years old.

3. Bayla Szczekacz (1853 - ?)

and Abram Lejb (Lewek) Besser (1886-1914)

Bayla Szczekacz was born to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidton Fen 4, 1853. We couldn't find her death record, or her grave.

The photo above is of the grave of her spouse Abram Juda "Abram Lejb (Lewek)" Besser. He was born in 1886 in Klobuck and died on 28 Mar,1914 in Czestochowa. He was burried in the Jewish cemetery of Czestochowa.

4. Abram Majer Szczekacz ( 1854 - 1913)

and Mirla Maria Blum (1856 - 1939)

Photo of the grave of Abram Majer Szczekacz in Czestochowa Cemetery.

Abram Majer Szczekacz was born to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt on 18 Sep, 1854 and he died in 1913.

The graves of the brothers: Abram Majer and his brother Szmuel Zenwill are one next to the other and they have the same style.

5. Layzer Ludwig Szczekacz (1856 - 1910)

and Berta Robinson (1860 - 1935)

Ludwig Layzer Szczekacz was born to to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt On Oct 1, 1856 and died before June 1910 in Goleszow, Bielsko, Silesia. We couldn't find neither his death nor his grave.



We selected the photo of his daughter Hilda Glaser nee Szczekacz, who perished in Treblinka during the Holocaust. It is the only photo we have Layzer Ludwig Szczekacz children.

The following lines in an article by her grand daughter, Jane Nevezie nee Wachsman, triggered a research and resolved the mystery of Ludwig Szczekacz:

"My mother was Edith Glaser, born on 19th December, 1912, in Doubrava. Her parents were Chaim Hirsch (Hermann, birthplace unknown), 16/08/1871- 1942, and Hildegarde (Hilda, nee Szczekacz, birthplace unknown), 15/06/1891-1942, Glaser. My maternal grandparents had a business in Doubrava until the early 1930s, after which they moved to Ostrava."

6. Unnamed Szczekacz (1858 - 1858)

The sixth child of Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt was a still born.

7. Michal Szczekacz (1859 - 1917)


1. Ruchla Kam (1863 - 1899)

2. Brandla Dymant (1873 - 1927)

Michal Szczekacz was born to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt on August 9, 1859 in Czestochowa and died on 28 July, 1917 in Czestochowa. We don't have his photo, or a photo of his grave.

The photo is of the grave of Herszlik (Zvi) Szczekacz (1889 - 1939), Michal's son in Warszawa Okopowa Cemetry.

Michal had four children and currently we haven't found any information about them.

8. Zenwil Szczekacz (1861 - 1913)

and Ruchla Brat (1866 - ?)

Photo of the grave of Szmuel Zenwill Szczekacz in Czestochowa Cemetery.

Zenwil Szczekacz was born to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt on 25 July in Czestochowa, 1861 and died on February 6, 1913 in czestochowa.

The graves of the brothers: Abram Majer and Szmuel Zenwill are one next to the other and has the same style.

9. Frajdla Szczekacz (1865 - 1894)

and Abraham Kaluzynski(1865 - 1942)

Frajdla Szczekacz was born to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt on October 13, 1865 in Czestochowa and died on May 1st, 1894 in Czestochowa. We couldn't find her grave in Czestechowa cemeteray.

10. Nachman Szczekacz (1868 - ?)

Nachman Szczekacz Was born on May 19, 1868 in Czestochowa to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt.

His name doesn't appear in any of the Czestochowa Resident books. His name doesn't appear in Holocaust Victim or Survivor lists in Yad Vashem database.

The name 'Nachman" was very popular in the Szczekacz family. There are two families who had a child born in 1868 named Nachman. It is a fact that adds to the difficulties of tracing him.

11. Cylka Szczekacz( 1871 - 1874)

Cylka Szczekacz was born on 11 Apr, 1871 to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidt. She died on 16 Mar, 1874 in Czestochowa. She was two years old.

12. Estera Szczekacz (1873 - 1874)

Estera Szczekacz was born on Nov 21, 1873 to Berek szczekacz and Chana Szmidtand. She died on Mar 7, 1874 in Czetochowa. She was three months old.