Fela Ufner nee Kaluzynski

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Release Feb 23, 2020

Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt

Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt had 12 children. Searching for Birth, Marriage, Death records (BMD) brings us occasionally to meet living family members. I admit, getting to know new blood related family members is the most exciting part of doing genealogy. Lately I met Yoram Shachar, one of Berek and Chana’s great, greatgrandchild about whom I haven’t heard until Dec 15, 2019. The meeting has prompted me to create pages for the descendants of Berek Szczekacz, our mutual great, great grandfather. The released page will introduce you to the 12 children and to their children. Currently there are only two documented stories, about Layzer Ludwig Szczekacz and about Frajdla Szczekacz. The stories about Yoram Shachar, Samuel Szczekacz (The artist, Shmuel Tzur), the many Shakter’s descendants and others will follow soon.

Release Nov 9, 2019

Yosef Kaluzynski and Chana nee Sznajderman

Lebanon About 1909-1914


Release Jan 6, 2018

Fajgla Kaluzynski and Wolf Szperling

Wolf and Fajga Kaluzynski

The Holocaust Had no Mercy for the Szperling Family

Stories and Photos

Release June 26, 20

Ludwig Layzer Szczekacz

A Telephone call from Australia to Californiaswept Jane and me into a research in the Czech Republic. Several families appeared for a moment and then disappeared during the Holocaust. Very few suvivors, many Yad Vashem testimony pages and research in the Czech Republic declared Jane, Dov Kuflik, his sister, Idit, and the five grandchildren of Josef Arieli, my self included, are 3rd cousins. Jane, Dov and his sister, Idit, are 2nd cousins.

Dawid Borejdo Sznajderman

The following story is about Dawid Sznajderman, the son of Abram Moshe Sznajderman and Ajdla Koenigsberg, who survived the tumultuous time of WWII.

Dawid Borejdo Sznajderman



Marek Kaluzynski

Marek Kaluzynski was son of my great grandfather, Abram Kaluzynski, and his second wife, Chaja Dzialoszynska.

Marek Kaluzynski

Marek’s mother, Chaja, died around 1912 in Czestochowa, leaving his father with five young children;

the youngest, Sara, was two years old. Marek was fourteen years old.

Fela Kaluzynski

Minutes from Fela Kluzynski's Life in Photos

Fela Kaluzynski

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Memories, like sand stones
Slowly, a grain follows a grain,
Erode, crumble, and vanish.
Sea waves and wind
Sweep them away
Listen to the voices
Collect the words,
The names, the episodes, the moments…
Carve and seal them
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Minutes from Fela Kaluzynski's Life in Photos

Fela was born on the 11th of January, 1895 in Noworadomsko, Poland. She passed away on March 39, 1938 in Berlin, Germany.

Fela married Michael Ufner in March 1919 in Czestochowa. They lived in Berlin, Germany and had two daughters:

Layna Ufner born in 1920 in Germany and Hennie Ufner born on 4 March 1925.


Fela Kaluzynski - 1927

Fela Kaluzynski - 1927

Fela Kaluzynski

Fela Kaluzynski

Fela Kaluzynski ?

Fela Kaluzynski ?

Fela nee Kaluzynski and Michael Ufner - Czestochowa - March 2, 1932

Fela nee Kaluzynski and

Michael Ufner - Czestochowa -

March 2, 1932

Fela nee Kaluzynski and Michael Ufner
Fela nee Kaluzynski and Michael Ufner

Fela nee Kaluzynski and Michael Ufner and maybe Mania Gutman nee Kaluzynski and her husband

Michael Ufner (left) and Shmuel Gutman (?)

Mania Gutman nee Kaluzynski (left) (?)

and Fela Ufner nee Kaluzynski

Fela Hennie Mania(?) and Layna

Left to Right:

Fela Ufner nee Kaluzynski (?)

Hennie Ufner

Mania Gutman nee Kaluzynski (?)

Layna Ufner

Hennie Ufner
Hennie Ufner

Layna Ufner
Layna Ufner

Fela Ufner and Maybe Mania Gutman

Left to right:

Fela Ufner nee Kaluzynski (?)

and Mania Gutman nee Kaluzynski (?)

Michael and Layna Ufner

Michael Ufner and his daughter

Layna Ufner

Fella and Hennie

Fela and Hennie just before WWII

Sara, Fela and

Left to Right:

Unknown boy,

Sara Lukov nee Kaluzynski

Fela Ufner nee Kaluzynski

Unknown boy

In the middle: Hennie Ufner

Berlin Ufner and Mania

left to right:

Hennie, Fela, Michael, Mania(?), Layna

Sara and Ufner Family

On the right:

Sara Kaluzynski

Michael, Fela nee Kaluzynski and


Sara in Berlin

Berlin: Left to Right:

Sara Kaluzynski

Fela Ufner nee Kaluzynski


Hennie Ufner

IsraEl: Michael Ufner and Shlomit

Michael Ufner Visiting Israel
with his niece Shlomit Lukov

Michael Ufner Visit in Israel

Israel: Michael Ufner Visits Layna, his daughter.

Left to Right: Sara Lukov nee Kaluzynski

Michael Ufner

Chana (nee Sznajderman) and Yosef Kaluzynski

Chana is craddling Shlomit Lukov

At the bottom Layna Ufner.