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Release Feb 23, 2020

Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt

Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt had 12 children. Searching for Birth, Marriage, Death records (BMD) brings us occasionally to meet living family members. I admit, getting to know new blood related family members is the most exciting part of doing genealogy. Lately I met Yoram Shachar, one of Berek and Chana’s great, greatgrandchild about whom I haven’t heard until Dec 15, 2019. The meeting has prompted me to create pages for the descendants of Berek Szczekacz, our mutual great, great grandfather. The released page will introduce you to the 12 children and to their children. Currently there are only two documented stories, about Layzer Ludwig Szczekacz and about Frajdla Szczekacz. The stories about Yoram Shachar, Samuel Szczekacz (The artist, Shmuel Tzur), the many Shakter’s descendants and others will follow soon.

Release Nov 9, 2019

Yosef Kaluzynski and Chana nee Sznajderman

Lebanon About 1909-1914


Release Jan 6, 2018

Fajgla Kaluzynski and Wolf Szperling

Wolf and Fajga Kaluzynski

The Holocaust Had no Mercy for the Szperling Family

Stories and Photos

Release June 26, 20

Ludwig Layzer Szczekacz

A Telephone call from Australia to Californiaswept Jane and me into a research in the Czech Republic. Several families appeared for a moment and then disappeared during the Holocaust. Very few suvivors, many Yad Vashem testimony pages and research in the Czech Republic declared Jane, Dov Kuflik, his sister, Idit, and the five grandchildren of Josef Arieli, my self included, are 3rd cousins. Jane, Dov and his sister, Idit, are 2nd cousins.

Dawid Borejdo Sznajderman

The following story is about Dawid Sznajderman, the son of Abram Moshe Sznajderman and Ajdla Koenigsberg, who survived the tumultuous time of WWII.

Dawid Borejdo Sznajderman



Marek Kaluzynski

Marek Kaluzynski was son of my great grandfather, Abram Kaluzynski, and his second wife, Chaja Dzialoszynska.

Marek Kaluzynski

Marek’s mother, Chaja, died around 1912 in Czestochowa, leaving his father with five young children;

the youngest, Sara, was two years old. Marek was fourteen years old.

Fela Kaluzynski

Minutes from Fela Kluzynski's Life in Photos

Fela Kaluzynski

Release History



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Family History


Memories, like sand stones
Slowly, a grain follows a grain,
Erode, crumble, and vanish.
Sea waves and wind
Sweep them away
Listen to the voices
Collect the words,
The names, the episodes, the moments…
Carve and seal them
In a meticulously crafted pendant
Close to your heart
Allow them to live forever.



Let Us Start With Basic Steps:

Write down everything you know about yourself and about your family:

  • Full names
  • Date of Birth, Marriage and Death
  • Where these events occured
  • Talk to your grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts
  • Write down family anecdotes
  • Scan family photos
  • Scan Family documents

Jewish Colonial Trust (JCT) shares

Shares in the Jewish Colonial Fund established by Bejamin Ze'ev Herzl in 1899 to serve as the Zionist Movement's financial arm.

Restitution of Assets - Holocaust Victims

The following is a list of Zawiercie residents who purchased assets located in Israel before they found their death under the Nazi regim.

Residence Last Name  First Name Number
Zawiercie  Akermann  Abraham  A67909 
Zawiercie  Akermann  Chawa  A67910 
Zawiercie  Barbanel  Faiwel  A67911 
Zawiercie  Bogacki  Johann  A67912 
Zawiercie  Borzekawski  Schmul Josif  A67913 
Zawiercie  Brandes  P.  A67914 
Zawiercie  Bromberg  Feitel  A67915 
Zawiercie  Broniatowski  S.  A67916 
Zawiercie  Bugojer  Leibusch  A67917 
Zawiercie  Cymbler  Kalman  A67918 
Zawiercie  Ehrlich  Icek Jacob  A67919 
Zawiercie  Feldbaum  Binem  A67920 
Zawiercie  Feldberg  David  A67921 
Zawiercie  Frenk  Leib  A67922 
Zawiercie  Ganoweich  Szaja S.  A67923 
Zawiercie  Gebotschreiber  M.  A67924 
Zawiercie  Habermann  Mordcho  A67925 
Zawiercie  Helberg  Samuel  A67926 
Zawiercie  Hendler  Kopel  A67927 
Zawiercie  Hirschberg  Wolf  A67928 
Zawiercie  Holenderski  B.  A67929 
Zawiercie  Jostawowitz  Eizik  A67930 
Zawiercie  Kamelgarn  Abram  A67931 
Zawiercie  Kempinski  S.  A67932 
Zawiercie  Kempner  Julj  A67933 
Zawiercie  Kron  Chaim  A67934 
Zawiercie  Kronenberg  Daw Landau  A67935 
Zawiercie  Lewinstein  Nathan  A67936 
Zawiercie  Lugerner  Chaim  A67937 
Zawiercie  Lustiger  Icek Mordche  A67938 
Zawiercie  Margulies  Sal  A67939 
Zawiercie  Margulies  Tsydor  A67940 
Zawiercie  Meitlis  Herm  A67941 
Zawiercie  Miadowik  Benjamin  A67942 
Zawiercie  Moskowicz  Adolf  A67943 
Zawiercie  Murawiecki  Leiser  A67944 
Zawiercie  Pesach  Margulies  A67945 
Zawiercie  Plawner  Chaim  A67946 
Zawiercie  Plawner  Gerzon  A67947 
Zawiercie  Rosenstein  Henech  A67948 
Zawiercie  Rotenberg  Ber Hersch  A67949 
Zawiercie  Rotenstein  Pinkus  A67950 
Zawiercie  Schneidermann  Abraham Moses  A67951 
Zawiercie  Schwartz  B.  A67952 
Zawiercie  Seidenmann  Ludu  A67953 
Zawiercie  Seidermann  Herm  A67954 
Zawiercie  Silbermann  Aron  A67955 
Zawiercie  Silberstein  B.  A67956 
Zawiercie  Sojka  Benjamin  A67957 
Zawiercie  Sojka  Samuel  A67958 
Zawiercie  Spewak  Szapsa  A67959 
Zawiercie  Srebrny  Josef  A67960 
Zawiercie  Studenberg  Ch.  A67961 
Zawiercie  Tenenbaum  D.Leib  A67962 
Zawiercie  Torgownik  Mendel  A67963 
Zawiercie  Turner  Dawid  A67964 
Zawiercie  Turner  Moses  A67965 
Zawiercie  Turner  S.  A67966 
Zawiercie  Wechsler  Icek Majer  A67967 
Zawiercie  Weintraub  Mor  A67968 
Zawiercie  Wigdersohn  Pinkus  A67969 
Zawiercie  Windman  Feigel L.  A67970 
Zawiercie  Wytrzyc  Benjamin  A67971