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Release October 16, 2022

Yigal Writing

Yigal used to write short chapters and read them at various events in the nursing home where he lived in the last years of his life.

The large and interesting part of the chapters are part of his life history.

Few are translations or abridgments of facts related to general education.

Release Feb 23, 2020

Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt

Berek Szczekacz and Chana Szmidt had 12 children. Searching for Birth, Marriage, Death records (BMD) brings us occasionally to meet living family members. I admit, getting to know new blood related family members is the most exciting part of doing genealogy. Lately I met Yoram Shachar, one of Berek and Chana’s great, greatgrandchild about whom I haven’t heard until Dec 15, 2019. The meeting has prompted me to create pages for the descendants of Berek Szczekacz, our mutual great, great grandfather. The released page will introduce you to the 12 children and to their children. Currently there are only two documented stories, about Layzer Ludwig Szczekacz and about Frajdla Szczekacz. The stories about Yoram Shachar, Samuel Szczekacz (The artist, Shmuel Tzur), the many Shakter’s descendants and others will follow soon.

Release Nov 9, 2019

Yosef Kaluzynski and Chana nee Sznajderman

Lebanon About 1909-1914


Release Jan 6, 2018

Fajgla Kaluzynski and Wolf Szperling

Wolf and Fajga Kaluzynski

The Holocaust Had no Mercy for the Szperling Family

Stories and Photos

Release June 26, 20

Ludwig Layzer Szczekacz

A Telephone call from Australia to Californiaswept Jane and me into a research in the Czech Republic. Several families appeared for a moment and then disappeared during the Holocaust. Very few suvivors, many Yad Vashem testimony pages and research in the Czech Republic declared Jane, Dov Kuflik, his sister, Idit, and the five grandchildren of Josef Arieli, my self included, are 3rd cousins. Jane, Dov and his sister, Idit, are 2nd cousins.

Dawid Borejdo Sznajderman

The following story is about Dawid Sznajderman, the son of Abram Moshe Sznajderman and Ajdla Koenigsberg, who survived the tumultuous time of WWII.

Dawid Borejdo Sznajderman



Marek Kaluzynski

Marek Kaluzynski was son of my great grandfather, Abram Kaluzynski, and his second wife, Chaja Dzialoszynska.

Marek Kaluzynski

Marek’s mother, Chaja, died around 1912 in Czestochowa, leaving his father with five young children;

the youngest, Sara, was two years old. Marek was fourteen years old.


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Family History


Memories, like sand stones
Slowly, a grain follows a grain,
Erode, crumble, and vanish.
Sea waves and wind
Sweep them away
Listen to the voices
Collect the words,
The names, the episodes, the moments…
Carve and seal them
In a meticulously crafted pendant
Close to your heart
Allow them to live forever.



Let Us Start With Basic Steps:

Write down everything you know about yourself and about your family:

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Michal Szperling and Nechuma Privolski


Michal Szperling was born on 11 Dec, 1904 in Klobuck, Poland.

He married Nechuma - Prybulsky. She was born on 16 Feb 1912 in Kielce, Poland.

Nechuma's Father, Mendel Prybulsky, born in Lithuania in 1882, came to Kielce, Poland, to open a school, in 1910.

Her mother was Sory-Chasi Hach Kosowski (Prybulski) born in Poland in 1885.

Michal and Nechuma had one son, Severin Szperling born on 27 March, 1940 in Czestochowa.

Michal and Nechuma, Szperling were murdered in Czestochowa during the Holocaust, on 21 July, 1943.

Severin survived the war, hiding in the home of a Catholic, Polish couple, as you will see in the following stories.




Severin Szperling

Severin Szperling was born on 27 Mar, 1940

in Stary Rynek 6, Czestochowa, Poland.

Memory Medal for Severin's parents

Catalog of Holocaust Medals

Severin Szperling and his daughter Julie Szperling are the authors of A Catalog of Holocaust Medals – A History Etched in Metal, the largest catalog of Holocaust-related medals and coins ever published.  Severin started his collection to keep alive the memory of his parents, who perished in the Holocaust.  The catalog is an invaluable resource for collectors and researchers, and a meaningful tribute to all victims and survivors of the Holocaust.  

Severin's Medal Book


Severin's Grandfather Mendel Prybulski

"A young Litvak named Prybulski opened a Hebrew school in the city of Kielce. He gained experience in teaching from his private lessons as well as from his work in Chwat's school. He found teachers from the students of the Wolman Gymnasium. He was the first who introduced female teachers to boys' school. His school succeeded and continued to exist up to the outbreak of World War II. Its owners became wealthy. Before World War II broke out the owner of the school acquired a large stone house. Prybulski was physically weak but fierce in spirit. He had pedagogical talents; he knew how to handle children and also how to run a school. He arranged his school in such a manner that its expenses would be small and its income great. And since in the first years he was the owner of the only school in the city that was known to be well run, he succeeded in his endeavor. Also afterwards, when dangerous rivals arose who knew how to teach according the new methods, his school continued to exist through the force of inertia and the power of the advertising he had acquired in previous year"

Mendel Prybulski perished during the Holocaust.

Orybulsky School

The Source: Kielce Yizkor Book

Severin's Mother

Nechuma Szperling nee Prybulski was born in Kielce, Poland on the 16th of February,1912 to Mendel and Sory-Chasi Kosowski. She was a teacher and married to Michal. Prior to WWII she lived in Czestochowa, Poland. During the war she was in Czestochowa, Poland.

Nechuma was murdered in the Shoah in 1943.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her son, Severin Szperling


Severin's Father

Michal Szperling was born in Klobuck, Poland on 11 Dec, 1904 to Wolf and Feiga nee Kaluzinski. He was a merchant and married to Nechuma nee Prybulska. Prior to WWII he lived in Czestochowa, Poland. During the war he was in Czestochowa, Poland.

Michal was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by his son, Severin Szperling

Michal and Nechuma died in mass execution on 21 July 1943 at Jewish Cemetery in Czestochowa, Poland. 

Memorial in Czestochowa Cemetery

In this very place, on July 21, 1943, Germans and Ukrainians shots over 200 Jews of Czestochowa


I am a Son to Four Parents

By Severin Szperling

The Newsletter of the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada published an article about Severin Szperling and about his Holocaust Medals Collection. With their permission it is published here.



Alon Goldman About Severin Meeting with the Gideonim

Cleaning Czestochowa Cemetery

During July 2014, 16 Reut high school students from Jerusalem led by Dina Wiener (the teacher in charge) and her husband Danny worked in the Jewish cemetery in Czestochowa. The students mapped approximately 947 tombstones and around 100 of them they could only partially restore the inscription and to whom they belonged. The data of the graves in Czetochowa is online and can be searched.

Dear Cz‐ers
Exciting days pass over the Gideonim in Czestochowa. Today they began in a tour in the Jewish Czestochowa or rather what was left of it.
The work in the Cemetery is hard but this wonderful group, despite the difficulties, the heat and the mosquitoes continues consistently work and pursuit of goal they set for themselves.
Today another surprise awaited us. During the work came to the cemetery Severin Szperling, who was born in Czestochowa Ghetto and lives today in Arizona USA, accompanied with Dr' Anna Goldman. Severin came, to light a memorial candle on the mass grave in memory of his parents who perished in the Holocaust. Severin, told th Gidonim that he was born in 1940. When he was two and a half years old baby, the Liquidation of the ghetto began and his parents gave him to Poles friends who hid him for two and half years until the war ended in an underground shelter. When the war ended he was five years old. Over the years he learned that he was alone in the world, except two cousins and without any pictures of his parents for a memory. At the end of his story, Danny Kahn, said prayers El Male Rachamim near the mass grave in memory of Severin Parents. Not one eye remained dry.

Yours Faithfully, suggested

Alon Goldman ­ Chairman



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